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May 10 2018

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October 21 2017

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– Vincent van Gogh.

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Alfred Munnings 

(English, 1878-1959)

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Frantz (2016)

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the dark vincent

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Emily Dickinson.

October 20 2017

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Found this in an antique store the other day and just had to get it.

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The Birds (1963) // Notorious (1946) dir. by Alfred Hitchcock

October 19 2017

I’m nostalgic for a place that doesn’t exist. I’m homesick for lips I’ve never kissed.
— Belle Jar (via bellejarpoetry)
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zuhairmuradofficial | remiprocureur

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Reimagined covers for Classic Horror Stories.

bring me the sunflower gone mad with light.
Eugenio Montale, from “Bring Me the Sunflower So I Can Transplant It,” A Selection of Modern Italian Poetry in Translation edited by Roberta L. Payne (McGill-Queen’s University Press , 2004)
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Edward Emerson Barnard, Meteor trail with the great Orion nebula in the field, 15-11-1904.

October 18 2017

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peace looks so good on you.
Warsan Shire
(via slyherin)
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eli ever in warm up // victor vale in vicious

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